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    The ownership of the game will be divided between the contributors, who will share any future profits or decision making abilities related to the game based on the contribution points that they own. The code, artwork, story, and music have the following distribution: (each is subject to +/-10% change)
    Code works: 40 contribution points
    Artwork: 30
    Story: 30
    I.e., If half of the code work is done by a particular individual, they own 40/2= 20% of GD. The number of contribution points that you own increase when you contribute, and reduce when other people contribute, provided that the contribution gets accepted. A voting system will be used to decide whether a new contributor or contribution should be accepted, as well as for other decisions that we might require to take. Usually, this will be a simple voting system with each contributor and each user having 1 vote, but in exceptional cases, if a contributor desires, they can invoke their ownership:

    As an example, in such a case, if there are 1000 voters and the contributor owns 10% of the game, they will roughly own 100 votes.
    More precisely, the correct formula to be used is:
    Contributors’ new votes = their contribution% * (total number of votes, including their new votes)
    In the above example, the contributor will end up having 111 votes, and the total number of votes will increase to 1110.

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